Wolf & Moon Release New Single – Eyes Closed


The indie music band Wolf & Moon have released new single called Eyes Closed. They says about new single,

We released a new song! That came as a surprise 🎉 It is one of our favorites of the upcoming record. So head over to wherever you listen to music and look for our song EYES CLOSED. Let us know how you like it and if you are as excited as we are

You can listen it below.

Somewhere between the folky sound of Angus & Julia Stone and the electronic influences of The XX, you can find the resonance of wolf & moon.” The band defines itself with these sentences.  ”Wolf & moon is the longing for adventure and travel. That is why you can only find them using a minimal set up which they can easily take on a road trip. A travel guitar, a drum computer and a mini casio keyboard plus their distinctive voices, that is all it needs to get you into the vibe of wolf & moon.

You can listen the band latest album Before It Gets Dark below.

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