Watch: Smerz Release New Music Video with Details of Debut Album


The Norwegian electronic music duo Smerz have released a new music video for the new album’s title track. The debut album Believer includes 16 new tracks. It will arrive February 26 via XL.

Speaking of the new song, Smerz said in a statement;

The lyrics for this song were written over a period of almost two years. So it ended up having a natural development parallel to our lives.

You can watch the video for Believer, directed by Benjamin Barron, below.

You can find album artworks and tracklist below.


01 Gitarriff
02 Max
03 Believer
04 Versace Strings
05 Rain
06 4 temaer
07 Hester
08 Flashing
09 The favourite
10 Rap interlude
11 Sonette
12 Glassboard
13 Grand Piano
14 Missy
15 I don’t talk about that much
16 Hva hvis


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