The American rock band Journey‘s singer, Arnel Pineda, has released a live performance video which was recorded during his solo tour in Vancouver 2017. The video is about 80 minutes. Pineda sang covers of Van Halen, AC / DC, Led Zeppelin and Queen. The video is published on YouTube. You can watch it below.


00:00​ Intro
00:21​ My Sacrifice by Creed
04:23​ Carry That Weight by The Beatles
07:46​ The End by Beatles
10:00​ Live And Let Die by Paul McCartney
14:01​ Ewan Ko Ba by The Zoo
19:25​ Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas
25:00​ Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
30:14​ Here I Go Again by Whitesnake
35:50​ Message In A Bottle by The Police
39:52​ Hiling by Arnel Pineda
44:30​ Bonggahan by Sampaguita
46:18​ Nosi Balasi by Sampaguita
47:58​ Laki Sa Layaw by Mike Hanopol
49:21​ Salamat by The Dawn
52:35​ Bass Guitar Solo
54:25​ You Really Got Me by The Kinks
55:40​ Dreams by Van halen
57:26​ Panama by Van Halen
01:01:21​ Jump by Van Halen
01:04:40​ Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin
01:06:40​ I love Rock N’ Roll by Arrow
01:08:58​ Back In Black by AC/DC
01:10:37​ We Will Rock You by Queen
01:12:33​ Bohemian Rhapsody (Live aid) by Queen
01:15:41​ Crazy Little thing called love by Queen

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