Watch: Cassandra Jenkins Shares Video for New Song – Crosshairs


The New York-based singer-songwriter Cassandra Jenkins has released a new song titled Crosshairs from upcoming album. It is titled An Overview on Phenomenal Nature which will be release on February 19 via Ba Da Bing.

Jenkins said in a statement;

I wrote ‘Crosshairs’ in the before times—not thinking about isolation. Listening to the song now, it reads more literally; I’ve never craved human interaction in the way I have over the course of the past year, and my experience of time has completely shifted. I decided to shoot this video over the weekend because I want to capture the snowy cityscape of New York in February of 2021 and how my inner landscape feels in this moment—simultaneously miniscule and expansive.

Also, the singer shared a new music video for Crosshairs. You can watch it below.

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