Travis Release A New Album – 10 Songs


The Scottish rock band Travis have released a new album titled 10 Songs after four years of break. Their ninth studio album set to feature ten tracks. Speaking of the album, Travis said;

It’s finally here! We are proud to present on the 9th day of October 2020, our 9th studio album 10 Songs. I have been talking quite a bit about the record over the cast few weeks. About songs Where do they came from? Why do you some speak the us and others not all. know is that when you connect with a song, it feels like you have drank the magic potion songs go deep. They heal. They can feel like a fast car out of a bad situation. They can make you cry or burst out laughing. They can make change your mind. They can save your life. I hope You can find a song among these 10 new ones which speaks to you

The band prepared isolation videos for Three single called Kissing In The Wind, A Ghost and Sing from new album.

You can listen new album below

You can watch all the isolation videos released by Travis below.

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