TOOL Share More Information About New Album And Release Lead Single

The American rock band TOOL have released new information about upcoming new album titled Fear Inoculum.  In an interview with  Guitar World, the band’s guitarist Adam Jones has told that the new album length is around 85 minutes and there are seven tracks, plus two transitions. He also talked about the mysterious number seven.

I took a picture pointing to the number seven while we were recording, and a lot of the riffs Justin and I brought in were in seven,” Jones explains. “You don’t really go, ‘I’m going to write a riff in seven!’…Without being too descriptive about the concept, the main thing is that the seven beat just kept coming up, and riffs in seven kept coming up. It was really weird!

The band has released the lead single titled Fear Inoculum which over 10 minutes. You can listen it below.

Adam Jones also says that it’s unclear whether any of the songs will be released before the album release on August 30. You can listen all the released TOOL albums below.

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