Tom Grennan Dreams of Collaborating with Lizzo – Brits Nominee Shares Excitement on Hits UK with Sam Thompson

Tom Grennan, the latest BRITs nominee, made his way to the Hits UK with Sam Thompson show for a lively chat. The two discussed the upcoming Brit Awards and Tom’s latest message from fellow nominee Mimi Webb – with a little help from Sam.

As the conversation turned to potential collaborations with other nominees, Tom admitted he’s a bit shy about reaching out to big names like Harry Styles, but he was more than happy to chat about his admiration for Lizzo. He confessed that Lizzo is the one person he really wants to meet, saying “I think me and Lizzo would get on well. I need a bit of that energy man.”

Sam couldn’t resist playing along, doing a bit of role-play with Tom, imagining how he would approach Lizzo for a collaboration. The playful exchange had Tom imagining a perfect match between Lizzo’s voice, flute, and his own voice and flute.

The show also touched upon the aftermath of a hilarious prank set up by Sam, who swapped phones with Mimi Webb and messaged Tom pretending to be her. Tom shared his initial confusion about the message, but he handled the situation gracefully, letting Mimi down gently.

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