The Weather Station Drops Video For New Song “Robber”


The Weather Station , Canadian folk music band fronted by Tamara Lindeman, has released a new song called Robber. It came with a music video directed by Lindeman and shot by Jared Raab.

The track is the first material from the  since 2017’s self-titled LP.

Speaking of the gabber, Lindeman said;

I’m back, and at long last releasing my epic new song ‘Robber’. It’s a big complicated song and I have a lot to say in it and about it. It’s the recording I’m most proud of so far. I felt like I was able to make all these dissonant pieces meet, weaving together order and wilderness and complexity. It feels like a circle and a line at the same time.  have a lot to say about this track but I’ll let the music speak for now. Feels good to be back.

She continued about track’s video;

I think in my life I’ve been pretty naive, always tried to see the good in everyone (still do), always tried to make do with what is and not think of what can’t be (still do). But those attitudes are dangerous when applied at a societal level, especially at this moment in time. I think we’re all in denial a bit, about where we are, and what is happening, because it’s easier on some level, easier to try and make do with what’s missing than to see what’s missing. I think it’s hard to believe in the robber, hard to even see the robber; it’s easier to try and make love to or glamourize the robber. It hurts too much otherwise. To put it straight; there are real human people who are literally robbing us and all future generations of all of everything that matters, right now. But we literally can’t see that as a society, for one thing because we’ve been taught not to value what is taken, and for another because we’ve been taught to glamourize and love the taker. We love to love the taker. We don’t know how to see the victim of the taking.

You can watch new music video below.

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