The Soft Cavalry Releases Self–titled Debut Album

The Soft Cavalry is a new band formed by the wife/husband duo of Rachel Goswell of Slowdive and musician Steve Clarke. The indie rock band released self-titled debut album July 5. The album includes 12 songs.You can check the track-list of the album below.

01 – “Dive”
02 – “Bulletproof”
03 – “Passerby”
04 – “The Velvet Fog”
05 – “Never Be Without You”
06 – “Only In Dreams”
07 – “Careless Sun”
08 – “Spiders”
09 – “The Light That Shines On Everyone”
10 – “Home”
11 – “Mountains”
12 – “The Ever Turning Wheel”

The band have released music videos for the two lead singles titled Dive and Bulletproof  before the album release. You can watch the music videos below.



The third music video was released for the song titled Never Be Without You.

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