The Courtneys’ Courtney Garvin Announces Gum Country’ Debut Album

Courtney Garvin, a member of The Courtneys that is a Canadian indie rock band, has a new band with multi-instrumentalist Connor Mayer called Gum Country. Today, they’ve announced their debut album. It’s titled Somewhere and it will be shared on 19th June. It includes twelve new songs.

You can check the track-list of the album below.

  1. Somewhere
  2. The Queen Rules
  3. Tennis
  4. There’s A Crumb
  5. I Don’t Stay Up
  6. Pills
  7. Brain Song
  8. It Lives It Breeds It Feeds
  9. Whoa Oh
  10. Talking To My Plants
  11. Jungle Boy
  12. Waterfall

You can also watch the album’s title track video below.

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