The Blinders Release New Single – Mule Track


The English alternative rock band The Blinders share their new single called Mule Track from upcoming album. The upcoming album titled Fantasies of a Stay At Home Psychopath will be released on the 17th July. The band say about that

‘Mule Track’ was initially inspired by the painting of the same name, exhibited in the Imperial War Museum, which depicts a Mule train making its way through a battlefield’, ‘The idea being explored is really that hell or versions of hell/heaven clearly exist within the world.

You can watch Mule Track music video below.

You can check the upcoming album track-list below.

1. Something Wicked This Way Comes
2. Forty Days And Forty Nights
3. Lunatic (With A Loaded Gun)
4. Circle Song
5. I Want Gold
6. Interlude
7. Mule Track
8. Rage At The Dying Of The Light
9. From Nothing To Abundance
10. Black Glass
11. In This Decade

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