The Black Keys’ Announces New Album And Releases Lead Single “Crawling Kingsnake”


The US garage rock / blues rock band The Black Keys have announced a new blues cover album. The title of the album is “Delta Kream.” It will be released on May 14th  by Nonesuch Records.

The band’s latest studio album was “”Let’s Rock in 2019″”. The new album covers songs by artists who influenced them, such as RL Burnside, John Lee Hooker, Ranny Burnett, Junior Kimbrough and Big Joe Williams.

The Black Keys released the lead single “Crawling Kingsnake“, a cover of John Lee Hooker, from the new album. You can listen it below.

 “Delta Kream”

01. Crawling Kingsnake (John Lee Hooker / Bernard Besman cover)
02. Louise (Fred McDowell cover)
03. Poor Boy A Long Way From Home (Robert Lee Burnside cover)
04. Stay All Night (David Kimbrough, Jr. cover)
05. Going Down South (Robert Lee Burnside cover)
06. Coal Black Mattie (Ranie Burnette cover)
07. Do the Romp (David Kimbrough, Jr. cover)
08. Sad Days, Lonely Nights (David Kimbrough, Jr. . cove)
09. Walk with Me (David Kimbrough, Jr. cover)
10. Mellow Peaches (Joseph Lee Williams cover)
11. Come On And Go With Me (David Kimbrough, Jr. cover)

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