Tegan And Sara Announces Upcoming Album “Hey, I’m Just Like You”

The Canadian indie pop band Tegan And Sara have announced upcoming album titled “Hey, I’m Just Like You“. It will be the band’s ninth studio album and released on September 27 via MCD. The duo released last album Love You to Death in 2016. After three years, they are back with a new album with songs that the duo have written as teenagers. They found the songs while working on their memoir High School. They wrote the songs between the ages of 15 to 17. The duo have been rewriting parts of the lyrics since April 2019. They keep the original lyrics but add new sections. You can read the full statement of the band below.

While working on our memoir, we discovered lost cassette tapes that had been unheard for over 20 years. They contained dozens of our first songs, written between the ages of 15 and 17…we immediately recognized the songs as an essential part of our high school story. With only minor tweaks to lyrics and structure, we tried to remain true to the original essence of each song.

You can watch trailer of the album below, which includes some snippets of songs.

The duo shared a comment about the album with trailer of the new album.

We recorded over 40 songs when we were in high school. But the cassettes were lost. Unheard for 20 years. In 2019, while writing our memoir High School, they were found. Rediscovered, reimagined, rerecorded – the new Tegan and Sara record is made up entirely of new studio recordings of those lost songs. It’s called Hey, I’m Just Like You and it’s coming out September 27, 2019.

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