Tango with Lions

Tango with Lions is a band that you would start listen and then next moment you just wish that they had more albums…

The Greek  indie / alternative  band was formed in 2007 by Katerina Papachristou , also known by the nickname Kat, a young Greek singer and songwriter. The band’s name described as “moment of creation” by the vocalist Kat. They began as a changing musical collective and evolved into today’s stable composition of the band.  Currently the group members are:

Katerina Papachristou – vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
Nikos Vergetis – drums, percussion
Jim Staridas – wind instruments
Thodoris Zefkilis – bass
Dennis Morfis – electric guitar
Maria Sachpasidi – keyboards, backing vocals

The debut album “Verba Time” was released in 2010 and received excellent reviews. And the second song of the album “In a Bar” has broken record on YouTube. The album includes twelve songs. Kat explains that singing in English helped to spread the music of the band:

I think the domestic English-language scene has always been trying to develop closer musical relationships with the outside world and, perhaps because of its geographical position, it did not do just that. The internet boom definitely helped at first somewhat, but eventually it created quite a lot of chaos and extra borders because of the amount of information. There may be opportunities – as they always existed – but a very strong communication framework is needed. I do not believe that music lacks our scene, it has very remarkable artists. – source

After three years the band came back with a new album “A Long Walk” . It was released in 2013. But this time some band members were changed, the group was still evolving. They began to record songs in the summer of 2012. It was completed in January 2013. The album includes ten songs. Kat explains the difference between “Verba Time” and “A Long Walk” like that:

As in “Verba Time”, every song is also a small story, but this time stories are self-contained, with paths in dark dreams, night trips, sunny fantasies, memories and stories of love and separation. In the long walk of Tango with Lions, bittersweet melodies and dreamy lyrics meet full orchestrations. – source


The first record was more minimal, in the second album the orchestrations are more full. The A Long Walk has worked differently, more as a team, so it contains a plurality. On the other hand, there is a thread that joins the two discs, the dark atmospheric style. – source

After the second album, there was a big silence for five years.. The band began to work in 2015 for the new album “The Light“. It was completed in the summer 2017.  It includes nine stories which are about Kat’s road from darkness to the light. During the creation process of this album, she went through many different feelings like, death and life, nihilism and hope, broken relationships… At the end she found the light powered by beauty of her voice and shared with us.

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