Sophie Hunger Releases New Single – Finde Mich


The Swiss musician Sophie Hunger has released a new single titled Finde Mich which means Find Me in English. The single comes with a music video clip.

Speaking of the track, Hunger says;

Finde mich. Literally, find me. I hoped it might bend the world’s will.

And she added English translation for her new single.

Find me find me
Left traces everywhere
Haven’t wiped away the blood
You’re at my heels, you’re close enough
Touch me if you can
I granit, you crystal, together we are sugar
Find me, you’re almost there
By now we’re breathing the same air
I’ve brought you everything
Truth and the delirium
Talk to me with brand new signs
Split for me the ancient rites
Their idols – our remains
You’ve caught me oh so many times
I granit, you crystal, together we are sugar
Our courage their decay – I’ll be waiting by the flames
In your blind spot
In your quiet shame
In your disgust
My empire will begin
Find me, find me
I’ve been alone too long
I’m not singing, I’m calling you
This much I understand
I’ll be waiting by the flames

You can watch Finde Mich video clip below.

Sophie Hunger released a new album in last week. Her seventh studio album is titled Halluzinationen. You can listen full album below.

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