Sophie Hunger Releases New Single – Alpha Venom


The Swiss musician Sophie Hunger has released her new single called Alpha Venom from the upcoming new album. The Seventh solo studio album is titled Halluzinationen. It will be released on August 28 and includes ten songs. Also, the new single has a live studio music video. The singer commented about the new single like that:

Alpha Venom, I bite into a lemon, I bleed inside my denims, this is not your pain“ ~ my new single “Alpha Venom” is out now. In lockdown we played my new single in a special trio version. When you can’t go to the club, the club’s gotta come to you! Dear friends, please don’t forget who makes the music. Xxx Sophie

Latest, Hunger announced the new album Halluzinationen on May and in the same time shared the lead single Everything Is Good from new album.

You can watch live studio music video below.

You can listen Alpha Venom and Everything Is Good below.

You can check the track-list of the upcoming album below.

1. Liquid Air
2. Finde Mich
3. Halluzinationen
4. Bad Medication
5. Alpha Venom
6. Rote Beeten Aus Arsen
7. Everything Is Good
8. Maria Magdalena
9. Security Check
10. Stranger

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