Sophie Hunger Releases New Album – Halluzinationen


The Swiss musician Sophie Hunger has released a new album titled Halluzinationen. The seventh solo studio album includes ten songs. Hunger states that she wrote the lyrics of this album in her loneliest period and says

Tomorrow sept 4th my new album #Halluzinationen will be released. Thankfully it has turned out to be a real thing in the world and not a self fulfilling prophecy.
It’s an album I wrote when I was the loneliest I have ever been. When I reflected on the fatality of making music. It’s about the relationship between the imaginary and loneliness and what comes first. I said to myself if I write a whole album about it it might disappear. And it did. So here’s to hallucinating and to loneliness! The two greatest friends I’ve ever had and need no more;) thank you for your attention! Everyday I’ll share some parts of it with you. Videos, lyrics and behind the scene sneak peeks. I hope you enjoy it. Love, Sophie
You can listen it below.

Also, you can watch a shared music video Alpha Venom from new album  below.

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