Soko Releases New Album – Feel Feelings


The French indie pop musician Soko has released new album titled Feel Feelings. The third studio album includes 12 new track. The singer started releasing singles from the albums since 17 January.

On January 17, Being Sad Is Not a Crime was released, Are You a Magician? was Released on March 3, Blasphémie released on May 28, Oh, To Be a Rainbow! was shared on June 26 and finally Looking for Love released last week. You can listen it below.

You can check new album tracklist below.

  1. Are You a Magician?
  2. Being Sad Is Not a Crime
  3. Blasphémie
  4. Looking for Love
  5. Oh, to Be a Rainbow!
  6. Quiet Storm
  7. Don’t Tell Me to Smile
  8. Replaceable Heads
  9. Let Me Adore You
  10. Now What?
  11. Time Waits for No One
  12. Hurt Me With Your Ego

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