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Hindi Zahra is a French-Moroccan singer. She has been living in France since 1993. Her first studio album “Handmade” was released in 2010. She got famous with the first album already. Her songs are harmonized with jazz and world music. She reached a large fan base with concerts in USA, England and Europa. “Beautiful tango” is the most known song of her. The video clip for the song “Beautiful Tango” was directed by famous movie director Tony Gatlif.

She explained her writing process here with “When I write, I write step-by-step. I just write a few words, and then I come back to the words. I have a lot of songs that have just four words. It starts like this, and I came back one or two years after. I work on it when I have a feeling to do it. I never force myself to do something. I think that I have to respect the inspiration. I just understood that you have to leave things, feel things, travel, meet people, get alone—and after, the music and lyrics come.” She has strong relation with her roots, so traditional instruments are used in her performances. Her latest studio album “Homeland” was released in 2015. It has 11 songs. You can listen the latest album below.

And here is the famous video clip for the song “Beautiful Tango“.

“Beautiful Tango, take me by the hand 
Beautiful Tango, until you make me dance”

You can listen her first studio album “Handmade” below.

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