Rory Gallagher 1972 unreleased radio session board “Cleveland Calling Pt. 2” limited release


Cleveland Calling PT. 2 is an unreleased radio session recovered from the depths of the Irish blues and rock multi-instrumentalist Rory Gallagher archives. This recording features Rory and his band playing seven songs live in an empty Cleveland Agora venue for WNCR Radio. This release follows Cleveland Calling (#2 on the Billboard Blues chart) which was an acoustic session also recorded by WNCR during the same 1972 US tour.

The record will be released by Ume on July 17th. You can check the track-list below.

Cleveland Calling Pt. 2

1. Messin’With The Kid
2. Used To Be
3. Should’ve Learnt My Lesson

1. Laundromat
2. Pistol Slapper Blues
3. Banker’s Blues
4. In Your Town

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