Roger Waters’s Band Perform Pink Floyd ‘s Song

Roger Waters's Band

The English songwriter, singer, bassist, and composer Roger Waters has shared a new video in which Roger Waters’s band haves performed a song called Bring the Boys Back Home from Pink Floyd‘s The Wall album, Continuing his quarantine performances despite the end of the quarantine.

Waters, who started his quarantine performances with the song called Mother from The Wall album and Two Suns In The Sunset from The Final Cut album , is here with a new performance video, the third part of the series. Returning to the album The Wall once again, the musician this time sang Bring the Boys Back Home, one of the album’s lesser-known songs.

Speaking of the track, Waters said:

This is the third of our Encores from the Us and Them tour. This is the first one with any overdubs, not an easy trick to pull off remotely, luckily the Band are all brilliant.

The Vera in question is Vera Lynn. She was an English singer, songwriter, very popular during the Second World War. Her biggest hit was “We’ll meet again”. She was widely known as the “Forces’ Sweetheart”. Our Vera, who is very fondly remembered back in Blighty, died six weeks ago aged 103. So she had a bloody good innings, bless her.

Bring the boys back home.
My father never came home, but at least in 1944 he really was fighting to defend his home. Not like now. Now the boys fight and die in colonial wars so some rich asshole can get richer. If it were up to me I’d bring ’em all home tomorrow.
R. W.

You can watch Roger Waters’s band Bring the Boys Back Home performance below.

Also, you can listen Pink Floyd’s albums titled The wall and The final Cut  below.

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