Radiohead Guitarist Ed O’Brien Shares His First Solo Single

Edward John O’Brien who is an English guitarist and member of the alternative rock band Radiohead, have released a new single from his first solo album Earth. The new single’s title is Olympik.

In October 2019, EOB who have shared Santa Teresa single , also shared the songs of Brasil and Shangri-La, which will be on the album. You can listen to Olympik below:

In addition to all these productions, Ed O’Brien continues to deal with the scourge of COVID-19. In the Corona virus epidemic, which has influenced the whole world, the EOB, which quarantines itself in its home in Wales due to its symptoms, does not neglect to make loving posts stating that it is getting better every day.

Hello everybody. I just want to say I’m better. Thank you to everybody who sent such love and lovely messages. I’m really fine now. I had it for about two weeks. I didn’t get tested but I’m pretty certain it was [coronavirus].I just want to send love and strength to all of you that are going through it at the moment, love and strength to our NHS, our amazing NHS and all our health workers and everybody who’s been amazing.”

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