Neil Young Announces A “Lost” Album And Releases Lead Single – Try


The Canadian singer-songwriter Neil Young  announced new developments regarding the “lost” album titled Homegrown, which have not been released. The album recorded by Neil Young between 1974 and 1975 will be released on June 19.

Neil Young said the following about this album.

I apologize,” he writes. “This album Homegrown should have been there for you a couple of years after Harvest. It’s the sad side of a love affair. The damage done. The heartache. I just couldn’t listen to it. I wanted to move on. So I kept it to myself, hidden away in the vault, on the shelf, in the back of my mind….but I should have shared it.

The album, he concedes, is “actually beautiful. That’s why I made it in the first place. Sometimes life hurts. You know what I mean. This is the one that got away.

The lead single of his upcoming album was released with the announcement, You can listen it below.

You can check the track-list below.

Side A

  1. Separate Ways
  2. Try
  3. Mexico
  4. Love is a Rose
  5. Homegrown
  6. Florida
  7. Kansas

Side B

  1. We Don’t Smoke It No More
  2. White Line
  3. Vacancy
  4. Little Wing
  5. Star of Bethlehem

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