Men I Trust Announces Upcoming Album “Oncle Jazz” Release Date

The Canadian indie electro-pop band Men I Trust have announced the release date of  upcoming album titled Oncle Jazz. The fourth studio album will be released on September 13. It includes 24 new songs. The band have already released four singles from the new album which are Norton Commander (All We Need), Show Me How, Tailwhip, Say Can You Hear and Numb. You can check the track-list of the album below.

1. Oncle Jazz
2. Norton Commander
3. Days Go By
4. Tailwhop
5. Found Me
6. Numb
7. Say, Can You Hear
8. All Night
9. I Hope to Be Around
10. Dorian
11. Pines
12. Slap Pie
13. Fiero GT
14. Seven
15. Show Me How
16. Alright
17. You Deserve This
18. Pierre
19. Air
20. Porcelain
21. Poodle Of Mud
22. Something Revisited
23. Tailwhp Revisited
24. Poplar Tree

You can listen all the released singles below.

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