Melanie Martinez Releases Music Video For New Song “The Bakery”


The American pop  singer Melanie Martinez has releases music video for the new song called The Bakery from latest EP titled After School. It includes seven tracks.

Martinez explained that what are her songs mean for her;

I’ve been working on the After School EP since 2017. Over the course of these 3 years I’ve learned a lot and each of the songs act as a marker/screenshot for a certain emotion/lesson I was dealing with.

💗Notebook is a very emotionally raw breakup song from 2017 about setting boundaries after being taken for granted. (Queen of swords energy)

💗Test me is a song about accepting the challenges of life as tests from the universe that build strength and wisdom. It is also about understanding that your experiences in life/school teach you more than the actual classes themself. (Strength Energy)

💗Brain & Heart is about the importance of being balanced in your decision making. Using an equal amount of logic & emotion. (Temperance Energy)

💗Numbers is about feeling underpaid and overworked In a system that treats you like you’re disposable. (10 of wands Energy)

💗Glued is about attachment/detachment. When you’re completely attached you have the potential to get hurt but you are able to feel the depth of love. When you’re detached you save yourself from potential hurt but never get to feel that level of love. (Devil/Lovers Energy)

💗Field Trip is a more personal song about some of the intricacies of who I am as a human. Being an empath, a life path 11 (bridge between the divine and the material) The duality of my Triple Taurus and triple Scorpio placements. The contrast between what my mother was going to name me when I was in the womb ( katarina- pure light) and what she ended up naming me the minute I was born (Melanie – darkness) and also a reminder that whatever imaginary box people put me in I will always find a way out. (Empress Energy)

💗The Bakery is a song about unenthusiastically working at a bakery in high school because I needed to make money to invest into my art and my music. (8 of pentacles Energy)

You can watch the new music video below.

You can listen the new album album below.

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