Marcus Admund Funck Releases New Single “HOLLY, LIE”

Stockholm-based Marcus Admund Funck released a new track “Holly, Lie!” feat. Paulina Palmgren. Marcus Admund Funck is a member of the Swedish band Honeymilk. Marcus says, “July 2006, 16 years old, I was standing behind a barn in the south of Gotland, throwing up. I grab my Yamaha, covered in stickers from MySpace, and enter the stage. It’s my very first live performance.April 2019, 29 years old, about to release my first material as a solo artist. I will probably throw up again. What if no one cares? Thirteen years have passed since. Ten of them spent in the band Honeymilk with my best friend Nikki Nyberg. Scientists say those years are likely to be your best ones. If those years are to pass I might as well create something new and do it all over again . ”

Birds Records is releasing the second single from Marcus Admund Funck.  Now you can listen “Holly, Lie!” on all digital platforms.

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