LOVE SUPREME are the France-based music and video duo Kenzo Roz and Joseph Morice. Previously the band’s name was “Djib Mo“. They changed it to “LOVE SUPREME“. They tribute to the legendary John Coltrane and his album “Love Supreme” which was released in 1965. The band refuses to describe a genre for their music as you can read below.

It refuses to belong to a genre, quite possibly because it wouldn’t fit any genre. Is it jazz, downtempo electro or torch-songs waiting for dawn? It is definitely night music, a music for encounters, for promiscuity, a music for poured liquids and shared fluids. This music feels like love, but not just physical love. Joseph Morice and Kenzo Roz develop a form of soul music, a music for the soul without a doubt. – source

The band’s self titled debut album was released on April 26, 2019. It includes 8 songs. You can listen the album below.

They released first music video for the song “Lonely Feelings” which is written by Joseph Morice and Raphaël Cornet. The video is directed by Simon Schmitt and produced by Iconoclast. The song is used by Netflix series Black Mirror in Season 5 trailer. You can watch the video below.

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