Lost Under Heaven Releases A New Single “Teen Violence”

The indie rock band Lost Under Heaven has released a new single titled Teen Violence. Earlier this year, the duo released a new album titled Love Hates What You Become with 10 songs. This new song was recorded with the previous album but was not included. The front-man Ellery James Roberts commented about the song:

‘Teen Violence’ is an allegorical tragedy about an Androgynous Prophet of the Divine Feminine who is brutally silenced by an aggressively ignorant society that is unable to comprehend his/her vision due to the paralysis of Cultural Immaturity. It is a song of our time: this formative moment in human history where we are faced with a plethora of crises that threaten the extinction of the species. Our Politics fail to make adequate response as the wider culture continues to fracture into increasingly oppositional individualist hysteria.

You can listen Teen Violence below.

For those who have not yet enjoyed listening to the album Love Hates What You Become, tune in below.

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