London Grammar Released A New Music Video – Baby It’s You (Trizz Visual)


The English indie pop band London Grammar released a new single titled Baby It’s You in August 2020. It was the first single after three years of break. Now the band released the music video for the track which was created by Trizz Studio. London Grammar shared an Instagram post that includes the comments made by Trizz Studio. You can read it below.

It’s always a pleasure to work on a music video, but it’s tenfold when you are a fan. I instantly connected with London Grammar, from the cinematic mood to the expansiveness in Hannah´s voice. And with Baby It’s You, a world of inward projection, rebirth, symbolism and introspection with a slight apocalyptic vibe was definitely the initial feel as we approached the project.⁣
⁣From the darker tones of the forest and the panther, to the delicate touch of the hands that entice the panther deeper into this world, to the more direct image of the girl living this underwater dramatic moment in time, that turns existential but ultimately emerges stronger, and so does the panther as it is freed. I wanted to create a journey of visual emotions that connected with this incredible track.⁣
⁣From all of us at @trizzstudio the journey to create this piece has been fantastic, and the chance to illustrate the amazing soundscapes of London Grammar was a real blessing. – source

You can watch the video clip below.

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