Listen: White Lies Release Second Track From Their New Album “As I Try Not To Fall Apart”

The English post-punk band White Lies have released another song I Don’t Want To Go To Mars from their new upcoming album. It is titled As I Try Not To Fall Apart, which was announced in September.

The band bassist Charles Cave said about the new track;

I Don’t Want To Go To Mars has all the distorted bombast of White Lies best anthems neatly packed into a short story.The song follows a character seemingly being herded off Earth to live out a sterile and mundane existence on a newly colonised Mars. Fundamentally the song questions the speed at which we are developing the world(s) we inhabit, and what cost it takes on our well being.

White Lies’ sixth studio album As I Try Not To Fall Apart. It will be released on February 18 on the PIAS label. You can listen the newest track below.

Also, you can check the upcoming album artwork and tracklist below.


As I Try Not To Fall Apart:

1. ‘Am I Really Going To Die’
2. ‘As I Try Not To Fall Apart’
3. ‘Breathe’
4. ‘I Don’t Want To Go To Mars’
5. ‘Step Outside’
6. ‘Roll December’
7. ‘Ragworm’
8. ‘Blue Drift’
9. ‘The End’
10. ‘There Is No Cure For It’

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