LIFE Announces Upcoming New Album And Releases A New Single “Hollow Thing”

The English pop-rock band LIFE announced their upcoming album titled A Picture Of Good Health. The new album includes 13 songs. It will be released in September. The band has already shared the lead single “Moral Fibre” in April. Now we can listen the second single titled “Hollow Thing“. But before listening, let’s read what the front-man Mez Green who is the lead singer commented about the new single:

“Hollow Thing” is about letting go of something in your life, something that’s dead ‘wait for the past to fade, wait for that hollow thing’ and then no matter how hard it is you can and will move on ‘wade through a sea of beige, choke on great clods of dirt’. “Hollow Thing” is about overcoming isolation and realizing your self worth ‘I look much better than you, I love much deeper too.’

Hollow Thing is littered with lyrics that reference something ending and then something beginning again. It’s a twisted pick me up! ‘sweep up your debris from your sexless throne.’ The past is the past and… ‘dogs bark in doorways in a godless home’

You can listen the second single “Hollow Thing” below.

If you haven’t listened the lead single “Moral Fibre” yet, you can listen the song below.

You can check the track-list of the forthcoming album below.

1. Good Health
2. Moral Fibre
3. Bum Hour
4. Hollow Thing
5. Excites Me
6. Never Love Again
7. Half Pint Fatherhood
8. Grown Up
9. Niceties
10. Thoughts
11. It’s A Con
12. Don’t Give Up Yet
13. New Rose in Love

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