Leonard Cohen’s New Album Is Released – Thanks For The Dance

The Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen’s fifteenth and final studio album titled Thanks for the Dance released by his son Adam Cohen through Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings. The songs are from Cohen’s final studio album You Want It Darker which was released in 2016. The album’s vocal tracks were recording during the same sessions. Cohen’s son Adam Cohen commented about the album like that;

Had we had more time and had [Leonard] been more robust, we would have gotten to them. [We had] conversations about what instrumentation and what feelings he wanted the completed work to evoke — sadly, the fact that I would be completing them without him was given.

The album includes nine songs featuring Daniel Lanois, Beck Hansen, Jennifer Warnes, Damien Rice and Leslie Feist. You can listen all the songs below.

You can check the track-list below. All songs are written by Leonard Cohen.

1. Happens to the Heart
2. Moving On
3. The Night of Santiago
4. Thanks for the Dance
5. It’s Torn
6. The Goal
7. Puppets
8. The Hills
9. Listen to the Hummingbird

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