Lauri Tähkä piled up 150 leading artists and musicians for one song


Lauri Tähkä and songwriter Timo Kiiskinen have made the song Toivon kärki . All profits from the song’s streams and radio plays will go towards Red Cross to help those suffering from the COVID-19 epidemic in Finland. The artists and others involved in the song are involved without rewards. The song features more than 150 musicians: Vesala, Alma, JVG, Chisu, Sanni , Mikael Gabriel  and many others.

A little over a month ago songwriter Kiiskinen, and musician Tähkä got the idea of the charity song making. They presented the invitation to the Finnish musicians through social media. The interest was enormous, since, according to them at the end 90 artists and more than 60 music industry professionals joined to the project.

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