LANY Release New Single From Upcoming album – You!

LANY - You!

The American indie pop band LANY have released a new single called You! from upcoming new album. The their third studio album is titled Mama’s Boy. It includes 14 tracks. It is scheduled to be released on 2 October.

The debut album titled LANY (2017) and the second album titled Malibu Nights (2018) had many songs about their experiences and romance, but in the title “Mama’s Boy” the title (Mother’s) As the child/mother’s son) means, the songs about the band member’s family and their own past dominate.

On May 13, LANY released the upcoming album’s lead single called Good Guys. On July 1, their second single called  If This Is the Last Time was released.

Also, they released a new music video for You!. You can watch it below.

You can listen the released songs from upcoming album below.

You can check the track-list below.

    1. ​you!
    2. ​cowboy in LA
    3. ​heart won’t let me
    4. ​if this is the last time
    5. ​i still talk to jesus
    6. ​paper
    7. ‎good guys
    8. sharing you
    9. bad news
    10. ​when you’re drunk
    11. ​anything 4 u
    12. ​sad
    13. (what i wish just one person would say to me) aka happy for you
    14. nobody else
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