Kasabian’s Guitarist Serge Pizzorno Announces New Album And Releases Second Single

The English rock band ‘s guitarist Serge Pizzorno has announced his upcoming solo album “THE S.L.P” release date. It will be released on August 30. Pizzorno’s first solo album includes 11 new songs. The lead single of the album, “Favourites” featuring Little Simz, was released on May. He released the second single “Nobody Else” after a month.  The new single was announced on social media like that:

You can listen the new song Nobody Else below.

You can listen lead single Favourites below.

The track-list of “THE S.L.P” is released with second single. You can check the list below.

1. Meanwhile… In Genova
2. Lockdown
3. ((trance))
4. The Wu
5. Soldiers 00018
6. Meanwhile… At The Welcome Break (featuring slowthai)
7. Nobody Else
8. Favourites (featuring Little Simz)
9. Kvng Fv
10. Youngest Gary
11. Meanwhile… In the Silent Nowhere

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