Julia Stone Shares New Single “Unreal” With Music Video


The Australian folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Julia Stone has shared new single with music video. Her second track is called Unreal  for 2020. The track’s music video directed by Bonnie Moir and features Stone and actor Damon Herriman.

Speaking of the track, she says

Unreal started as a song about my close friend and collaborator Thomas Bartlett. When I’m with him, I feel completely myself. I don’t have to hide any part of who I am because I’m all loved by him.

The song, like songs often do as they come to life, transformed, and became both about feeling real and authentic with someone and the opposite of that – the feeling when you’re around certain people that it’s hard to be yourself for whatever reason.

St. Vincent and Thomas did a beautiful job of producing this song and feel forever grateful to Dann Hume for his mixing magic. Feel lucky to work with all very talented dear friends.

Alongside the new single, Stone has announced two live shows at Sydney’s Factory Theatre for November 6-7.

You can watch the music video below.

In July, the artist also released her first original solo called “Break” after eight years of silence. You can listen it below.

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