Joyce Manor Announce New Album And Share New Video


The American indie rock band Joyce Manor have announced new album titled Songs From Northern Torrance which will be released this Friday, May 29. The upcoming album includes ten songs. Also, the band has shared new music video for the song House Warning Party. You can watch it below.

The band commented about the album:

I’ve seen some people confused about the record that’s coming out Friday.. is it a new album? Is it a b-sides collection? I’d say it’s neither. It’s a thoughtfully curated compilation of pre-Self-Titled material recorded between 2008-2010. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

You can check the track-list below.

Songs From Northern Torrance:

01 House Warning Party
02 Fuck Koalacaust
03 DFHP?
04 Danke Schoen
05 Who Gave You a Baby
06 Constant Nothing
07 Done Right Discount Flooring
08 5 Beer Plan
09 Chumped
10 Leather Jacket

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