Introducing: Alexa Moon


Alexa Moon is a Turkey based musician, is goal is to touch people’s hearts with her songs, to convey her own feelings and experiences to people, to help them in their struggles, and to show them that they are never alone.

Believing in the sanctity of music, Moon‘s adventure of becoming a musician, as crazy as it may sound, became definite when she liked a famous musician.

Her Debut Album “Signs”

The Turkish musician released a 8-track pop-folk, acoustic English debut album on November 12. Her debut album is called Signs. She was the vocalist, composer, lyricist, and producer for the album. The album was recorded in a home studio with just a few pieces of equipment.


Alexa started writing these songs at the age of 14 when she first got her guitar when she didn’t even know how to play it yet. She carefully prepared the place and order of each song in the album. And at the end of 5 years, she released her debut album. We know that the only subject she had no difficulty with was the “album title”. With the inspiration she got from the person who is the reason why she started to make music, she saw many events while writing the album as the “signs” that she was on the right way and continued. So she decided without hesitation that the title of the album should be “Signs”. However, the songs have been rearranged many times with her life and experiences that have changed in this long period of time. She even had a song that she composed again from scratch until the album was released and the lyrics that came to mind at the last moment. She didn’t miss any details, in short, she tried for the best.


According to Moon, who said that although she was born into music, she was a little late in discovering herself by being shy and late, in the end, this courage was born from the desire to reach the person she liked*. (*The song My Way is exactly about that.)

Moon, who has released a total of 12 songs including her debut album so far, has signed 3 different collaborations. Discovered by DJ Skyrock through the covers she posted on YouTube in 2019, she released her first collaborative single with him “Lunation“(EDM), later with Neutron Inv. and Jamie Black “You’re My Addiction” (EDM) in 2019, “Situation” (pop-folk) which she completely undertakes to produce in 2020, and finally with Neutron Inv., released their song “Gift To Me” (EDM) in 2021. Now, she is counting the days for her 2 brand-new singles (EDM) that she will release with a producer named Dyslex soon.

You can listen to the Moon’s debut album below.

Also, you can watch lyrics videos for singles she has released below.

You can follow the artist’s social media account below.

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