Hot Chip Releases A New Album “A Bath Full of Ecstasy”

The English indie electronic band Hot Chip released their seventh studio album “A Bath Full of Ecstasy” on June 21 via Domino Record Co. The new album was announced in early April. The lead single titled Hungry Child from the album was released with the announcement. The second single Melody of Love was released end of May.  The album includes 9 new songs and 3 edited songs. The band’s last album Why Make Sense?was released in 2015. They are back after four years with 12 songs. You can check the track-list of the album below.

1 – Melody of Love
2 – Spell
3 – Bath Full of Ecstasy
4 – Echo
5 – Hungry Child
6 – Positive
7 – Why Does My Mind
8 – Clear Blue Skies
9 – No God

You can listen the new album below.

Hot Chip has released video clips for two singles. You can watch the videos below.

Melody of Love – Second Single

Hungry Child – Hot Chip

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