Hinds Release New album – The Prettiest Course

The Spanish indie rock band Hinds have released of their third album titled The Prettiest Curse. The album includes ten songs. The proceeds of the album will be donated to the supporting the fight against racism. It was originally due for release on 3rd April, but have arrived on 5th June owing to the COVID-19 outbreak. You can listen it below. The band says that

Hola everyone. We don’t want to occupy too much of the public conversation, as we want to keep the focus on what is most important right now – Black Lives Matter. That being said, our album is coming out tomorrow. It feels completely wrong to be releasing an album and promoting it during a time where the world seems to finally be listening to the major problem of racism. We have canceled our single, video, release listening parties and have seriously thought about postponing (again) the album, but unfortunately its just not been possible. If during this week you see some promotion, interviews, live videos etc, they’re all things we did weeks and months ago. It doesn’t mean we’re gonna stop to do them forever, It’s just that the time isn’t right now.

We need to use what resources we have to help drive our communities toward equality and justice for the Black community who have suffered at the hands of systemic racism and police brutality for too long. That being said, as a band, merch is where we make the most money from. We are gonna re-issue our best-seller t-shirt and will donate all net proceeds to these 4 organizations: @BTFAcollective ( Black Trans Femmes in the Arts, USA) @ACER (African Career, Education, and Resource, USA) @AMAC (Asociación de Mujeres Africanas en Canarias, ESP) @SOSracismomadrid (ESP) we know it’s not much, but it’s pretty much all we have. For more resources and ways to help the Black Lives Matter movement, we shared a link in stories, where you can also find the link to purchase the tee. We will continue to march, join protests and support the fight against racism.

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