Half Waif Releases A New Single – Horse Racing


The American musician Half Waif has released a new single called Horse Racing. It is from upcoming album titled Mythopoetics that is due out July 9 via ANTI-.
About the new single, she said in a statement:

I started writing ‘Horse Racing’ in an Airbnb in Brooklyn that week in March 2020 when everything got really real. Alone in an unfamiliar apartment, as an unseen force took over our lives, I was struck by how much of a wake-up call it all was. How we were being shaken by our shoulders and told to face something really ugly and monstrous about our ways of being. It felt like we were race horses who had only just realized we were on a track, going around again and again. There’s no end in a circle. And maybe now that we recognized this, we could break out of it, bust right out of the ring—which is what the end section feels like sonically to me. A shot at freedom.

Also, Half Waif has shared five singles Sodium & Cigarettes, Swimmer, Take Away The Ache, Party’s Over and Orange Blossoms from upcoming album so far. You can listen to released songs from Mythopoetics below.

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