Gone Gone Beyond’s New Studio Album “2030” Out


Today, international four-part musical hybrid group Gone Gone Beyond has released their sophomore independent full-length album 2030.

2030 is a 12-track collection of existential love songs, exploring our connection to one another and the planet, named for a year, in the not-so-distant future, which many believe is a tipping point for humanity. The final lyrics on the album state, “I hope I see you in the year 2030,” which speaks to a motivation the members of Gone Gone Beyond share to propagate seeds for a brighter future. Coinciding with the release of 2030, Gone Gone Beyond has revealed the official music video for the album’s lead single and opening track “Canyons.” The new visual, filmed and directed by Paul Korver on Super 8, was shot in Topanga Canyon, just outside of Los Angeles.

Speaking of the new album, the members of Gone Gone Beyond said;

This album is a landmark in our lives. It’s the starting point of a new season, a new beginning, a collective reset. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and we’ve traveled with these songs. We’ve traversed the full spectrum of emotion and experience with these songs, and now we are excited to share them with the world.

Gone Gone Beyond has also announced their first live shows for 2021. The quartet will head to Colorado from September 23rd through 25th to support Dirtwire, stopping in Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins. Tickets are on sale now – press here for info.

2030 opens with Canyons, an acoustic, harmonic homage to those who came before them in search of a mystical West, described by Danny as “a voodoo lullaby with all the whimsy of Alan Watts and all the heart of Neil Young.” The album also features the haunting love song and recent single “Another Earth” featuring Kat on lead vocals and Lost In America,” a tale about experiencing a new life in America with Mel leading the vocals. Elsewhere on 2030 are “Coast,” a banjo and 808-laced harmonic track, and “Little Moon,” a galactic love song that sees Danny and Kat sharing the vocal spotlight, which have collectively amassed over 2 million streams since their releases last year. In a way of bookending the album and best encapsulating what Gone Gone Beyond’s sonic range is, the group took “Canyons” and reimagined the sound for the song “A Better Way To Love.” Where “Canyons” is a pure stripped-down, unplugged track, “A Better Way To Love,” with the same lyrics, is a lush landscape of deep house beats that beautifully showcases David’s electronic music production skills.

You can listen “2030” below.


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