Ghostly Kisses

Ghostly Kisses

Ghostly Kisses is the melancholic music of French-Canadian singer and songwriter Margaux Sauvé.

According to Ghostly Kisses’ Bandcamp page, “The name ‘Ghostly Kisses’ was inspired from reading William Faulkner’s poem Une ballade des dames perdues and seemed like the perfect reflection of her ethereal voice. “Une ballade des dames perdues” translates to “a ballad of the lost ladies,” which contains the phrase “ghostly kisses.”

Brush my lips with little ghostly kisses.
– William Faulkner

She began to play violin at the age of 5 following in the footsteps of her family of musicians. It was only years later that she started to sing and wrote her first songs. The singer summarize her music in just 3 words.

Bewitching, mysterious and sensual.

When asked in an interview what is your difference from other singers, she said

Personally, I try to create an artistic universe specific to Ghostly Kisses which is reflected in the visual identity, in my voice, in my texts etc…

To us this explanation shows why she’s so amazing.

In 2015, Ghostly Kisses released debut single called Never Know on May 14th. Subsequently, new single called One was released on June 19th. This is how she entered to music world with these songs.

Although Ghostly Kisses is a project that was articulated very early in a coherent way, displaying a completed character, it is, surprisingly, only late that Margaux Sauvé started to create music. She had, of course, studied the violin and was part of a group, Equinoxe, but it was only at the end of her baccalaureate in psychology that she felt the call of musical creation. And she says:

I was studying psychology and I was tired, I knew I wasn’t going to continue on to my doctorate and all that. I had an apartment piano with us and that’s where I started it. Looks like I was so into the rational and the psycho that all my brain wanted was to go make music and create something!

What You See

In 2017, she released debut EP titled What You See on March 24th. Her first EP includes six tracks. One of these songs from album reached more than 50,000 plays on Spotify 24 hours after it was released. Ghostly Kisses was also part of the International Festival of Jazz of Montreal and Festival d’Été of Quebec and opened for international renowned artists such as RY X, Charlotte Cardin, Trixie Whitley and Milk & Bone in Canada and the US.

The City Holds My Heart

In 2018, after receiving a lot of attention on her last album, Ghostly Kisses released a new EP titled The City Holds My Hear on November 23.  It is stunningly cinematic, and it leaves the listener suspended from the first to the very last note. The elegant piano gracefully meshes the lingering guitar, trembling percussion, and the soft cry of the synth, and the combination yields a melody that is both haunting and exhilarating.

In 2019, the singer released her third album titled Alone Together on October 25th. This album contains an acoustic version of the songs the artist shared before.

Ghostly Kisses commented about it on social media like that:

This EP means so much to us and we are very happy to share it with you.

In June 2020, Ghostly Kisses released a new EP titled Never Let Me Go. This EP includes six new tracks.

Speaking of the EP, she said:

We’ve put a lot of work in these songs, we explored ways that we never did before. The music is now yours!
Thank you to everyone involved.
In a moment of great challenges and pain, I wish that we could all be kind to one another and to ourselves. Grow together for a better world. Take care and happy listening!

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