Fleet Foxes’ New Album “Shore” Is Here


The American indie folk band Fleet Foxes released a new album titled Shore today. It features fifteen new tracks. The band’s fourth album includes contributions from Uwade Akhere, Hamilton Leithauser, Grizzly Bear’s Chris Bear and Daniel Rossen, Kevin Morby, and others.

Speaking of their album, the band say;

This one was an intense two-year labor of love and I’m elated that it’s out in the world now, so soon after we finished it. Really hope it can be a 55 minute life-preserver in this ocean of bad news. This album was almost abandoned back in April but I’m so glad it came together how it did over the summer, so glad to share it, and so glad to have some time now to make even more music, other songs that will soon enough live alongside it.

The album premiere is going to loop on YouTube for six hours and be available as its own video indefinitely after that. Robin will be in the YouTube chat from 12:30-1:30 ET for some artist commentary.

You can check the screening times.

  • 6:31 am PT
  • 7:31 am PT
  • 8:31 am PT
  • 9:31 am PT
  • 10:31 am PT
  • 11:31 am PT

You can watch the live premiere video below.

Speaking of the album, Kevin Morby says

Shore is one of the most beautiful albums I’ve heard in a long time. I’ve had the rough mixes Robin has been kind enough to share with me on repeat for the past few months but there’s nothing like getting to sit with a record on its release day.

I woke up early here on my last day in Denver to watch the debut of the beautiful 16MM film that accompanies the full album. If you haven’t watched it yet go do yourself the favor! Shore is aligned with the fall equinox and yesterday would have been Leonard Cohens 86th birthday. I was blessed to be able to cover Leonard Cohens “There Is A War” with Nathaniel Rateliff to close out our 6 night stand at Red Rocks last night, an experience I’ll never forget. Looking out at an amphitheater that usually seats nine thousand but seeing just under two hundred people I couldn’t help but think about our very sick and burning world, thankful to be there as I was. And with it being Cohens birthday yesterday – staring out at the sparse crowd – I couldn’t help but meditate on his famous quote “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” and here we are today with Shore, the follow up to their Crack-Up, and it is incredibly meditative ray of light in the face of darkness.

Beyond thankful to share sonic time and space with  @robinpecknold on “Sunblind” – beyond thankful to have just shared so much time and physical space with @nathanielrateliff and his incredible band – and beyond thankful to be alive. Happy fall everyone and please make sure you’re registered to go vote! 🍂

You can listen the new album below.

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