David Guetta Gets AI-Assisted Help from Eminem in New Jam

David Guetta has made music history by using AI to add the voice of Eminem to one of his tracks. The French DJ and producer took to Twitter to show off the unreleased song, which he described as a joke that turned out so well he couldn’t believe it. He used an AI website to write the lyrics in Eminem‘s style and another to recreate the voice. The track received a wild response when Guetta debuted it at a recent gig.


The move follows a trend of AI-generated music that includes fans of Drake using a website to create their own songs in the rapper’s style. Meanwhile, alt-rock band Poe The Passenger is set to release their viral TikTok hit “Hologram,” which was created by a bot that listened to 1000 hours of Imagine Dragons and Linkin Park music.

However, not everyone is on board with the trend. Nick Cave expressed his opposition to the use of AI in songwriting in a recent response to a fan who sent him lyrics to an AI-generated song in his style. He called the song “bullshit” and a “grotesque mockery of what it is to be human.” He went on to explain that songs arise from suffering and that algorithms and data lack the capacity for a shared transcendent experience.

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