Coldplay Release A New Album – Everyday Life


The British rock band Coldplay released their eighth studio album Everyday Life. The band is back with double albums after 4 years. The album includes 16 new songs. Each side of the albums has 8 songs. One side is titled Sunrise and the other Sunset. The band have released 5 singles after the new album announcement. Finally you can listen all the songs of the new album below.

You can check the track-list below.


1. Sunrise
2. Church
3. Trouble in Town
4. BrokEn
5. Daddy
7. Arabesque
8.When I Need a Friend


1. Guns
2. Orphans
3. Èko
4. Cry Cry Cry
5. Old Friends
6. –
7. Champion of the World
8. Everyday Life

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