Check: Kevin Morby Announces The 4-track Demo Version of His album “Sundowner”


The American musician, singer and songwriter Kevin Morby has announced A Night at the Little Los Angeles. It is the 4-track demo version of his 2020 album “Sundowner“, will be released October 8 via Dead Oceans. Also, the singer released the new 4-track demo version of “Campfire”.

Morby said in a statement:

Recorded at home and in my back shed – aka The Little Los Angeles – in Kansas during the summer and winter of 2017 and 2018, this is the sound of me alone in a room with a 4-track to catch my songs as they – quite literally – fell out of my mouth. When I later went into a proper studio to make what would become Sundowner, my goal was to capture the essence of these initial recordings, and here you will now have access to the very essence I was chasing.

I am excited to, for the first time, share this side of my songwriting process with the public. Many of my favorite recordings have been made inside of an artist’s home with little to no regard of the outside world, but instead deep in their own that they are building in real time. And with that – I’d like to invite you into my own little world here and now and ask you to please step inside and spend A Night At The Little Los Angeles

You can listen the he new 4-track demo version of “Campfire” below.

You can check the album’s tracklist and artworks below.

A Night at the Little Los Angeles:

01 Campfire (4-Track Demo)
02 Sundowner (4-Track Demo)
03 A Night at the Little Los Angeles (4-Track Demo)
04 Wander (4-Track Demo)
05 Velvet Highway (4-Track Demo)
06 Valley (4-Track Demo)
07 Brother, Sister (4-Track Demo)
08 Don’t Underestimate Midwest American Sun (4-Track Demo)
09 Provisions (4-Track Demo)
10 U.S. Mail (4-Track Demo)


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