Cabbage Announce New Album – Amanita Pantherina


The English indie rock band Cabbage have announced a new album titled Amanita Pantherina. The second studio album includes eleven songs and is out Friday 25th September. Also, the band released a new single called Get Outta My Brain from forthcoming album.

The band spoke about new album, they said:

Hello good people of the world! It comes with great pleasure we can FINALLY, FINALLY announce our second full LP. ‘Amanita Pantherina’ is out Friday 25th September on our very own brand spanking new label Brassica Records. The work has been completed for a number of months now but due to world events we’ve taken the steps to adapt and can now reveal it in all its Technicolor glory.

New single ‘GET OUTTA MY BRAIN’ is available to hear right now on all platforms. It pays tribute to our city, a torrid tale about the consequences of pressure and the way we choose to tackle some of our hardest endeavours in life. Wholly inspired by Manchester’s golden era of expression, the song collides our traditional attribute of punk fuzz with the iconic dance attitude. This is the first complete body of work we as a band have achieved to produce ourselves, with the help of long time colleague Chris Stockton on desk duties and new artistic director Tomas Walmsley producing all our artwork and music videos. Thank you.

Co-Frontman, Lee Broadbent, says of the single:

The title of the track has two meanings and it’s about the balance of how the two meanings constantly fight each other – some people just want to run away and some people intoxicate themselves to run away. It’s an attempt to channel the spirit of Manchester and is purposely amped to become a choice cut when we get out to do it live.

They have so far shared one single called you’ve made an art form (from falling to pieces) from upcoming album.

You can listen released songs of upcoming album below.

You can watch new album promotional video below.

You can check the track-list below.

  1. Leon The Pig Farmer
  2. You’ve Made An Art Form(From Falling To Pieces)
  3. Get Outta My Brain
  4. Raus!
  5. Once Upon A Time In The North
  6. Hatred
  7. Medicine
  8. I Was A Taanage Insect
  9. Direct-Dictate
  10. Piles Of Smiles
  11. Terminates Here
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