Bob Nanna Announces Debut Solo Album, Releases New Song – Mr. Albatross


Bob Nanna who is an American musician best known as the singer and guitarist for the indie rock bands Braid and Hey Mercedes, has announced his first solo full-length under his own name. The album is called Celebration States and it’s out July 10 via New Granada. The record includes last year’s Do You Want to Buy a Guitar? and a new track called Mr. Albatross. You can listen both songs below.

You can check the track-list of the album Celebration States below.

1. Do You Want to Buy a Guitar?
2. Mr. Albatross
3. 97B4E
4. Come Home
5. In Reverse
6. Preoccupied
7. Spinning Pitchers of Light
8. Instant Chemistry
9. Don’t Come Home
10. Denouement

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