Beastie Boys Announce New Greatest Hits Album


The American hip hop and alternative rock band Beastie Boys have announced a new album Beastie Boys Music . The album consists of 20 most popular songs of the band, will be released on October 23th. It will include all of the albums released until 2012, when Adam Yauch passed away.

According to a press release, the new album “is a companion piece” to the 2020 film Beastie Boys Story and 2018’s Beastie Boys Book. You can check out the tracklist below.

Beastie Boys Music Tracklist:


01. So What’Cha Want
02. Paul Revere
03. Shake Your Rump
04. Make Some Noise
05. Sure Shot
06. Intergalactic
07. Ch-Check It Out
08. Fight For Your Right
09. Pass The Mic
10. Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win
11. Body Movin’
12. Sabotage
13. Hold It Now, Hit It
14. Shadrach
15. Root Down
16. Brass Monkey
17. Get It Together
18. Jimmy James
19. Hey Ladies
20. No Sleep Till Brooklyn

2xLP Vinyl


01. Fight For Your Right
02. Brass Monkey
03. No Sleep Till Brooklyn
04. Paul Revere
05. Hold It Now, Hit It


01. Shake Your Rump
02. Shadrach
03. Hey Ladies
04. Pass The Mic
05. So What’Cha Want


01. Jimmy James
02. Sure Shot
03. Root Down
04. Sabotage
05. Get It Together


01. Body Movin’
02. Intergalactic
03. Ch-Check It Out
04. Make Some Noise
05. Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win

The band shared last new album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two on May 2011. You can listen it below.

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